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4.2 Creating overlays

Now that you know the basics of prototyping, let’s take it one step further and meet Overlays. In this lesson you’ll learn how to make the most of Overlays to create richer and more interactive prototypes.

Key learnings

  • Overlays are a type of Artboard that will appear on top of existing content when you preview a Prototype. You can use them to mimic menus, modals, messages and many other common interface elements.

  • You can customize exactly where your overlay appears in your prototype, aligning relative to Screen or relative to a Layer.

Lesson files

  • How do you duplicate a document?

    To duplicate a document to your Workspace, click on Three dots in the top bar and choose Duplicate to My Drafts. Have fun!


Profile photo of Joseph Todaro

Joseph Todaro

Head of Video at Sketch

Joseph is our Head of Video at Sketch. He brings over a decade of product, design, and education experience. Before joining Sketch, he was a Senior Product Designer at InVision and was also responsible for the design education courses for InVision Studio and DSM.

While designing in-flight entertainment software at Fuse IFX, he migrated his team to Sketch – a tool that would go on to change the way he works. Eventually, he founded as a side project to share his knowledge and passion for the tool.

Joseph currently teaches UI and UX design at the Laguna College of Art and Design. He continues to share resources with the design community through projects like,, and

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