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New in the web app: Dark mode and better ways to share, sort and filter

When it comes to workflows, the simplest things can have the biggest impact

We’re bringing small but mighty improvements to the web app, which will really improve your experience and kick your workflows into high gear. In a nutshell, you can now search through documents with more granularity, share designs more easily, and experience a more accessible web app in dark mode. Let’s take a closer look at each of these 👇

Better sharing controls

Sharing is caring, and when it comes to design files, we care a lot about who has access to our documents and projects. To improve this process, we redesigned our sharing modal to give you more control over what you share inside and outside your Workspace. So no more accidentally sharing the right document with the wrong people — or the other way around.

Instead of a combined list, we’ve split access settings into three tabs to give you a quick overview of what you’re sharing, where, and with whom. You can manage your team’s access through the Workspace Members tab and choose between giving them editing or viewing permissions. We’ll also show special settings for restricted projects.

For managing external users, you can use the Guests tab to invite people via email or the Everyone tab to grant access to the document from a public link. Plus, you can now invite Guests as viewers to both documents or projects, making it easier to share work with external stakeholders or developers — for free.

Powerful sorting and filtering

Do you find yourself scrolling through your documents trying to find the right file? Those days are over! We’ve brought a lot more granularity to sorting and filtering in the web app.

Next to the search bar, you’ll find a new filter option. You can choose between viewing all documents, only documents with prototypes, or documents you can edit. If you’re browsing within a Project, you can even ungroup Collections to display all documents individually in your results.

We’ve also added new ways to filter all the documents in your current view (or search results) by name, date created, or last updated. Whichever you choose, you can sort your documents in ascending or descending order.

And of course, you can combine both features for more targeted results.

Dark Mode

Are you a firm believer in dark mode? Whether you love it because it makes things easier to read or you just like working like that, dark mode is now available in the web app. To try it out, head to the bottom of the left sidebar, then click on your Account menu > Appearance (or try this handy link). From here, you can set it to Light, Dark or System Default to have it match your system’s settings — the choice is yours.

We hope you love these small-but-mighty updates. Together, we think they make for a better experience in the web app. As ever, we’re open to your feedback over on the community forum.

Are you ready to try out these new features? Head over to the web app!

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