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One Workspace.
Unlimited possibilities.

Bring your projects and people together, and get all the tools you need to design, collaborate and handoff — in one place.

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Get more from your Sketch Workspace.
From kickoff to handoff.

Bring it all together

Your Sketch Workspace brings together your team, documents, Libraries and more. With a native Mac app for design and a powerful web app packed with collaboration tools, you can involve your whole team — from designers to stakeholders — at every stage in the process.

Quick facts

Your Workspace brings your people and projects together

  • Keep an eye on all your important design documents, all in one place — and accessible from anywhere.

  • New designer on the team? Grant them access to the Mac app, team Libraries and documents with just their Sketch account.

  • With Workspaces, Library updates happen automatically, but you can star versions to control which changes get distributed.

  • Add a custom description to any document update and give clear context around key milestones or major changes.

  • Collaborate without limits. Invite as many document Viewers as you need — for free.

  • Choose who can see the documents and Projects you’re working on with powerful permissions controls.

  • Protect important team resources with granular permissions settings.

  • Download documents, work offline and be productive anywhere — including on cross-country flights.

  • Iterate on your ideas without adding updates to the original file, with the freedom to duplicate documents.

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Collaborate in real-time

With real-time collaboration in our native Mac app, you can design alongside others and see everyone’s best ideas in one place — as soon as they have them. And with a single source of truth and a full version history for all your documents, you always know that everyone’s on the same page, with no conflicts.

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Quick facts

Collaboration is at the heart of Sketch

  • Your Workspace gives everybody access to the same documents. And with real-time collaboration, no designer will ever cause a conflict.

  • Design together in real-time, see each other’s cursors while you work, and use our Follow feature to give presentations — all in our powerful native editor.

  • Real-time collaboration respects your privacy — we don’t record or store any usage data.

  • Browse a full version history to keep track of how your designs have changed over time, and star your favorites.

  • Keep the context clear for each milestone and change you make with custom descriptions for document updates.

  • Collaborate better across documents with Sketch’s powerful Symbols and Libraries, to ensure consistency in your designs.

  • Stop paying extra for Abstract. Shared document storage and lockless editing mean you can forget about branches and merges.

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Prototyping and feedback

Because your Workspace brings your projects and people together, there’s no need to send out invites when it’s time for feedback. Your people can instantly test prototypes and share comments in the web app — in any browser, on any device. Best of all? Viewers in your Workspace are free and unlimited.

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Quick facts

The best products are built when everyone participates

  • Build quick prototypes that other Workspace members can test instantly.

  • Lead the way with Start Points and Prototypes to guide your stakeholders through your designs.

  • Feedback is important. Invite as many Guests as you want to test your designs for free — and from any browser.

  • Generate a link to your prototype from the Mac app and share through chat, email or DM with anyone and everyone.

  • Get detailed feedback with Artboard-level comments, @-mentions and threading, and stay up to date with customizable notifications.

  • With feedback and prototyping features to help you test and collaborate on your designs, you can say goodbye to Invision.

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Want to try it yourself? Test our prototyping features with a demo.

Check the prototype
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Handoff without the hassle

Ready to turn pixels into code? Developers can view, inspect and measure designs in any browser, on any operating system. Invite them for free, and they can download production-ready assets in a click, see design elements in context, grab color values in whatever format they use, and more. No Mac app or third-party plugins needed.

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Quick facts

With a Workspace, you get powerful handoff tools built in

  • Forget Zeplin — Sketch has all the handoff tools you need in one place.

  • Invite developers to your Sketch Workspace for free. They’ll get instant access to all Sketch documents and powerful handoff tools.

  • Inspect layers, Symbols and Styles in any browser, on any operating system.

  • Grab dimensions, text sizes, color values and more, in whatever format your developers need.

  • Download Color Tokens in JSON or CSS format to easily integrate and sync Color Variables from your designs to your development projects.

  • Trace Components back to their Library to see how they fit into your Design System, and how they map to code.

  • From collaboration to hand off, Sketch is all you need.

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Want to try it yourself? Test our handoff tools with a live document.

Check the demo file
  1. A 3D illustration showing a magnifying glass, a measuring tape and a eye-dropper tool on a green background
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Symbol / Customers

Our Sketch Workspace is useful in keeping our files organized. The Smart Layout feature has made designing faster and easier, helping our team to be more efficient in the design process.

Melody Budiono SVP of UX — Blibli

Sketch’s Libraries and style overrides are indispensable to our design system, keeping Symbol clutter to a minimum and enabling us to scale across multiple platforms.

Elías R. Ragnarsson Principal Designer — Tempo

Being able to follow each other’s cursors is useful for shared feedback sessions. I also love having a library of components to assist with design tasks.

Matthew Buchanan Co-founder at Letterboxd
How Letterboxd used Sketch to design a home for cinephiles Read more How Letterboxd used Sketch to design a home for cinephiles
A sticker illustration

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