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Experimental Features

Great Scott! It’s time to jump in the DeLorean and not only see the future of Sketch, but help shape it. We’re sharing experimental features for you to try out in the Mac app — and we need your feedback.

How to Enable Experimental features

Head to Sketch > Experimental Features in the latest version of the Mac app and choose the feature(s) you want to try out.

Experimental Features are available in regular Mac app releases. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can also try our beta app for a full preview of what’s coming next.

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Ready for testing!

Ready for the adventure? Here’s what you can try right now…

Stay tuned for more experimental features in the future! Why not check out our beta builds while you wait?

Previous Experimental features

  • Shipped

    Smart Layout in Groups

    Up until now, Smart Layout only worked for Symbols. With this experimental feature, we’re changing that. Smart Layout to groups gives you even more flexibility and power when it comes to creating your best work. Be sure to check out the forum post for more details and current limitations.

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