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I’ve found a bug or have a feature request, how can I report it?

Last updated on 25 Aug 2022
1 min read

If you’ve found a bug, have a feature request, or would like to send us feedback, please use our Customer Support form.

Please provide as much information as possible to get the best results — detailed reports help us diagnose and solve issues. If you have attachments you’d like to share, please upload your files to a service like Dropbox or similar and share the download link through the contact form.

Due to the nature of Sketch, many bugs can be resolved much faster when we can take a look at your documents, so having access to a file is a great help. All the information you share is 100% confidential and will not be stored.

If you contact us, we may ask for additional information to help with investigating your query. The information we might request is covered in our how to collect the data requested by the Customer Support Team article.

You can also get to our support form directly from the Mac app by clicking on the Help item in the menu bar and selecting Contact Customer Support. Then click on Can’t find your answer? at the bottom of the page.