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What are the system requirements?

Last updated on 07 Sep 2023
1 min read

Sketch 90 and above requires macOS Big Sur (11.0.0) or newer, and a working Internet connection to install the software and receive updates and upgrades. We recommend running the latest version of macOS where possible and regularly updating your Sketch version, but you can also run earlier macOS versions.

You can check for specific macOS version requirements on our release page and download previous Sketch versions to install on earlier macOS versions.

Although there are no specific requirements for RAM amount or processor speed, as a general rule, the more complex the documents you handle, the more you’ll benefit from more memory, CPU, and GPU power.

Keep in mind that Sketch uses several Mac-specific hardware technologies and therefore it’s not possible to run Sketch on a virtual machine (VM).

If you run earlier Sketch versions please note there are some version or plan-specific features:

  • To sign in to Sketch as an Editor: you’ll need to use version 65 or later
  • Real-time collaboration: you’ll need to use version 71 or later
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO): this feature is only available for Business Plans and requires macOS 10.15 and Sketch 70.2 or later