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Meet the Maker: Lucas Haas

“It is so easy to achieve visual effects with Sketch.”

Profile photo of Lucas H.

In our Meet the Maker series we talk to designers who push the limits of our beloved app, and find out what drives and inspires them. Today we’re chatting to the talented Lucas Haas who is a UI Design Lead at BMW Group — and was recently commissioned to recreate the new logo* for Globetrotter (pictured).

How did you get started using Sketch?

I first used Sketch back in 2014 because a friend mentioned it. After that I simply fell in love and it is my weapon of choice since then.

What inspired you to create the work you’re sharing with us?

When I was a kid, I had an iMac G3 running Mac OS X Panther (I am that old). And the Mac icons back then were an actual craft. I was always in awe looking at them. I wanted to recreate them. I think Sketch made that process a lot easier.

An image showing the Globetrotter icon

Globetrotter’s new icon, created by Lucas and made in Sketch.

What tools and features in Sketch do you use the most?

It is so easy to achieve visual effects with Sketch. The gradient tool is top notch, and the multiple blur options make it even better. The flexibility in mixing styles and its variants is superb.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to create something similar to your designs?

Question everything, even if you see a 2px border instead of 1. Question it, copy it, modify it, try it yourself.

* The original Globetrotter icon was created by Shihab Mehboob

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